Mag Mount Client BridgeThe eCone (Enterprise Client for Outdoor Networks) is designed to provide extended wireless range and coverage for a client device on any IEEE 802.11 wireless network.

Often times wireless coverage for vehicle mounted computers is inconsistent in large area outdoor applications. The glass and steel of the vehicle cab obstructs the wireless signal from reaching the internal antenna of the vehicle mounted computer as it moves around the operational coverage area.

Users have attempted to attach external antennas using either a PCMCIA wireless card, or the wireless card internal to their vehicle-mounted computers, to enhance the connectivity to the wireless network. This approach involves using fragile pigtail connectors, which are a constant source of reliability problems.

By putting the entire wireless router along with the antennas in a robust, weatherproof enclosure outside the vehicle, the eCone significantly improves network reliability. The interface to the eCone is a single Ethernet connection and the unit is powered directly from vehicle power – either 12V or 24V.

The FCI-2600 features a high performance wireless router serving as the client bridge. It has an output power of up to 26 dBm – four times the output power of a typical laptop — and has two internal omnidirectional antennas, each with 5.5 dBi of gain, that enable it to close much more challenging wireless links than conventional laptops.

The eCone offers the following advantages:

  • Extended reach and connectivity to any 802.11 wireless network for vehicle mounted computers
  • Simple to install magnetic base and flexible 12 V or 24 V power input
  • Complete connectivity in a single easy to install package
  • Robust, weatherproof enclosure

Click here to download the FCI-2600 eCone spec sheet.