The Phocus Array System for Adaptive Wireless Networks

Small, Flexible, Affordable, Rugged Phased Array

Phocus ArrayMany 802.11 wireless RF networks can be dramatically simplified and tuned for the best coverage at a significantly reduced capital infrastructure expense using Fidelity Comtech’s smart antenna technology: the Phocus Array.

Based on Fidelity Comtech’s patented Flexible Vector Modular Technology™ (FlexVMT), the Phocus Array is an eight-element phased array antenna capable of generating both static and dynamic RF beam patterns. FlexVMT enables a coverage footprint that ranges from a standard 360-degree “super” omni-directional pattern to an extended long-reach focused 43-degree pattern, in addition to patterns ranging from 90 to 180 degrees. It can switch between patterns in less than 100 μSecs on a packet-by-packet basis or be statically administered.

The Phocus Array is a feature-rich IEEE 802.11 b/g compliant access point or client bridge used in adaptive wireless networks. It includes a packet router in a lightweight but rugged package that measures less than a 1½ cubic feet.

This electronically steerable RF antenna technology addresses network problems by:

  • Reducing the CAPEX required in procuring, installing, maintaining, and expanding an extended RF wireless network system
  • Increasing Wi-Fi client range by as much as four times per access point
  • Reducing interference and multipath issues
  • Increasing network security by helping keep the network closed to hackers and freeloaders
  • Increasing network capacity by improving the cumulative link budget
  • Dynamically adjusting to a changing multipath environment typically found in container yards, rail yards, and auto yards, etc.
  • The Fidelity Comtech Phocus Array solution incorporating FlexVMT provides these benefits in a small package at an economic price.

The Fidelity Comtech solution incorporating FlexVMT provides these benefits in a small package at an economic price.

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