Engineering Services

Sometimes customers need more than just outstanding hardware to achieve their objectives.  In those cases, Fidelity Comtech provides engineering services to do whatever it takes to help our customers be successful.

Examples of projects we’ve completed in the past include:

  • Network Planning and Site Surveys.  Deploying a wireless network to cover tens or hundreds of acres is not trivial, especially if it is a challenging environment like a container yard.  We will help you with network planning, including location selection, configuration, and performing a site survey to ensure that the entire system of infrastructure plus mobile units will work seamlessly.
  • Modification of standard products. We have had customers request that we adapt the commercial Phocus Array to track UAVs.  Some customers have requested versions of the Phocus Array that are more suitable for mounting on mobile platforms, whether they be on land, sea or airborne.  Some customers have had us modify the Phocus Array to work with WiMax and ZigBee protocols.
  • Adapting existing products for new frequencies. We have had several customers ask us to adapt the existing commercial products to special frequencies.  Depending on the application, this can be a relatively minor modification.  If you have an radio that would benefit from a phased array antenna, we’d love to hear from you.