The Phocus Array on a Holophane High Mast Light PoleSince 2001, Fidelity Comtech has been providing premier RF antennas, amplifiers, interfaces, and wireless systems to our commercial and government customers.

Phocus Array™ System

The introduction of the Phocus Array™ System, using our patented FlexVMT™ technology, has made all 1st and 2nd generation Wi-Fi access points obsolete for outdoor environments. The Phocus Array™ system is truly changing the way the world uses wireless communications.
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Phased Array Antennas

In response to customer demand, Fidelity Comtech created the FCI-3710 and FCI-3740 for mobile applications. Both antennas feature an 8-element uniform circular array, allowing the radiation pattern to be steered and shaped in the azimuth.
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Vehicular Client Devices

Wireless coverage for vehicle mounted computers can be inconsistent in large area outdoor applications. That’s why Fidelity Comtech created the eCone (Enterprise Client for Outdoor Networks) which is designed to provide extended wireless range and coverage.
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Engineering Services

In addition to our innovative RF products, Fidelity Comtech also provides custom design and project services for research, product development, and product customization for both our government and commercial customers.
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Product Services

At Fidelity Comtech, our aim is to continually develop wireless networking products that enhance performance and reduce life cycle costs. Our customers play a critical role in our product development strategy. This involvement insures that the right features are included in new products to continually meet our customers demanding RF needs.
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