Company Background

In 2001, Mr. Joseph Carey founded Fidelity Comtech (FCI) as a private Colorado Corporation. The company began design and development on a family of robust programmable outdoor RF amplifiers, and introduced them in 2002. These amplifiers were used predominantly by wireless Internet Service Providers, who were trying to close links of many miles.

In 2003, FCI was awarded a National Science Foundation grant to develop an innovative low cost phased array antenna. FCI delivered the first Phocus Array System incorporating the FlexVMT™ technology in 2004. A patent was awarded to FCI in 2005 for the FlexVMT technology and initial first generation government systems shipments were made.

In 2006, Fidelity Comtech began commercial sales of the Phocus Array System.  It has been widely adopted in extremely challenging environments such as maritime ports and container yards.  In such environments, the containers themselves cause the radio waves to bounce and wreak havoc on the signals.

Early in 2007, FCI was nominated by the U.S. Air Force as the small business SBIR Prime Contractor of the year. Also early in 2007, FCI began using the 2nd generation of the Phocus Array System hardware with a new version of software for the U.S. Government. The new version added significant processor power improvements (a new Intel XScale processor and additional memory) to handle sophisticated GeoLocation calculations. This was crucial to provide the necessary improvements for the ever expanding U.S. Government applications and usage.

In January of 2008, FCI achieved FCC certification on the second generation of the hardware for the Phocus Array System. January 23rd, 2008 Fidelity Comtech publically announced the official release of the Phocus Array System to the commercial marketplace.

In 2010, Fidelity Comtech received a new grant from the National Science Foundation to prove out its concept for networks that can learn and adapt their antenna patterns to provide the best coverage.

In 2011, Fidelity Comtech introduced the FCI-3710 and FCI-3740 Phased Array Antennas.  These commercial phased arrays are optimized for use on mobile platforms and with radios from other vendors.

Also in 2011, at the request of commercial customers, Fidelity Comtech introduced a mobile client device.  This mobile client enables the entire in-vehicle network to share a single wireless link.  Furthermore, the mobile client device features a GPS receiver, so that the location of the client can be monitored in real time.