Military Technology

Let Fidelity Comtech Help You Accomplish Your Mission

Since 2004, Fidelity Comtech has been delivering a variety of commercial off the shelf (COTS) and custom solutions for our government customers.

Our team of engineers has the experience and ability to adapt our COTS solutions to meet the needs of specific missions.

Our experience with our government customers has provided us the opportunity to collaborate with almost every branch of the defense department, as well as many law enforcement entities.

Fidelity Comtech’s phased array antennas and amplifiers are currently being used in the following defense applications:

  • Wireless Cyber security
  • Direction Finding and Geolocation
  • UAV communications links
  • Bomb disposal robots
  • Communications on-­‐the-­‐move
  • Mesh networks / MANET

To learn more about how the Fidelity Comtech team can work with you to accomplish your mission, please contact us at (303) 678-8876, or by email at info@fidelity-comtech.com.

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