The First Wireless Network Integrated with the Holophane High Mast Light System

Seafreight Agencies located at Port Everglades in Florida needed a wireless network to track cargo in the shipping yard. Like all terminal operators, Sea Freight needed 802.11 wireless coverage for their new terminal area at. They wanted a solution that could be implemented quickly and provides exceptional wireless coverage in the shifting container stacks.

Fidelity Comtech’s Phocus Array™ RF System was uniquely suited for the job. In May 2011, Fidelity Comtech introduced an integration kit that enabled them to use Seafreight’s existing Holophane high-mast light fixtures as the base infrastructure for the system. The Holophane integration kit ensured a seamless, safer, and faster deployment of the Phocus Array™ RF system.

Installed in only 4 days, Fidelity Comtech’s Phocus Array™ RF System delivers the highest return on investment for terminal operators by delivering an RF system with the lowest total cost of ownership and the fastest time to deployment.

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