Maritime Ports

Learn how the South Carolina State Ports Authority saved over $1 million in pole and infrastructure costs by choosing Fidelity Comtech’s Phocus Array wireless network solution to track shipping containers.

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Auto Processing

Learn how FAPS Inc. obtained robust wireless RF coverage across its 200 plus-acre facility with just 20 access points by choosing Fidelity Comtech’s Phocus Arrays.

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Military Technology

Learn how government and military agencies can achieve their missions with Fidelity Comtech’s state-of-the-art wireless RF technology.

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Adaptive Wireless Networks

Wireless radio frequency (RF) networks can enable efficient business processes. But wireless RF systems are not one-size fits-all. Every industry, every environment is unique. What qualifies as a robust network for one organization may be inadequate for another. Moreover, your environment may change day-to-day, hour-to-hour, minute-to-minute, making consistent, reliable RF coverage a challenge.

Fidelity Comtech understands this. We also understand that the more hardware you need to install, the larger the impact on your infrastructure and the longer it will take to achieve a return on investment. That’s why we developed the Phocus Array™ System featuring our proprietary phased array FlexVMT™.

Fidelity Comtech’s Phocus Array™ wireless RF solution provides robust coverage and availability. Focused transmit and receive capabilities enable the average Wi-Fi device to extend its range four times farther than normal Wi-Fi access points. Beamsteering capabilities allow the coverage footprint to be focused where it’s needed, further increasing signal range and improving network performance.

Bottom line: you get more coverage with less hardware and a greater ROI, faster.